Dawn on Piz Roseg

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Dawn on Piz Roseg
Where: Bernina Range, Switzerland
When: July 2016

Andrea and I had a short timeline for adventuring around St. Moritz in Switzerland – only eight days, and there was so much to see.
I knew I wanted to climb one of the nearby mountains to catch the sunrise over the surrounding peaks, which are some of the tallest in the Alps.

We spent the night on a ridge of Piz Murtel, and left camp at 3:30 am for the final summit push. The air was cold and the snow was crusty to walk on, but we made fast progress and got to the top of the mountain before dawn’s arrival.

Luckily for us, there was a low band of clouds across the sky, blocking the sun for much longer than usual and throwing an early light pink above Piz Roseg.

Looking out across the mountains, we saw the headlamps of other mountaineering groups across the valley, heading to peaks here and there, and we felt beautifully small. 



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